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#648 - Adenoviral delivery to Cirrhotic Rat Liver Questions

Colin Ross

RE: Poster - 648 Adenoviral Delivery to the Cirrhotic Rat Liver

Great poster, I really liked it. What do you plan to try to deliver next (other than marker genes like your B-gal you used), do you plan to try delivering anti-fibrotic genes? If so, what what you try?

Or are you going to keep trying to increase the efficiency of your transfer to the cirrhotic liver?

Have other groups previously used adenoviral-mdeiated delivery to the cirrhotic liver in mice or rats?

Where did you develop/find the protocol for using 0.2% glutaldehyde as a part of your fixative solution ? (I glutaldehyde too, but only for more serious fixative needs, but obviously it works well for you)  

Thanks alot!
Colin Ross, McMaster University, Canada

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