Medicine Poster Session

0220, Healing processes: transitional and periosteal re-attachment dependent on bone/muscle interplay?

Monica Williams-Murphy

Abe and colleagues:

First I would like to welcome you to the forum and thank you for your elegant presentation. Great slides! Your research delineates the order of healing required for muscle re-attachment and resumption of functionality. Specifically, your findings indicate that tendinous attachment provides the first stage for the whole healing response. My question for you is this:

In recent years, clinical wisdom for the therapy of broken bones has shifted from "keep it immobolized" to "move it as much as is comfortable", even applying low level currency to encourage/speed the bone remodeling/repair response. Could it be implied by your model that the tendinous re-attachments which restore movement must precede periosteal reattachment because bone associated connective tissue regeneration prefers/requires the stimulation of movement (i.e. stress) to begin/speed up its proliferative healing response?

Monica Williams-Murphy

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