Novel Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms in Allergic Inflammation

Re^2: Starting comments on the presentation by Matthaei et al

Judah Denburg

On Thu Dec 10, Guest wrote
>On Sat Dec 5, Judah Denburg wrote
>>Dear Klaus (and Paul/Ian):

>>There are examples in clinical medicine other than intrinsic asthma which may point to a separate and distinct contributory role for CD4 (and possibly CD8) cells in eosinophilic inflammation: namely, nasal polyposis (associated with intrinsic asthma) and occupational asthma.

>>The million dollar question is obviously: which cytokine(s) mediate the CD4 effect in your mouse model?

>>Judah Denburg

Thanks for your reply. I actually meant which cytokine(s) are elaborated by the CD4 cells other than IL-4, -5, that can replace the latter or work in concert?


>Dear Judah

>Do you mean in the development of the CD4 cell or its recruitment to the lung?  Perhaps interleukin-13 can replace some of the IL-4 mediated functions and there is evidence in some mouse systems that IL-16 is important in recruitment.

>Paul Foster, Ian Young, Klaus Matthaei

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