Integrated Telematic Services and Communication Through Scientific IRC: Virtual User Communities of Biomedicine in UNInet

let's keep on sharing ideas

Armando Pacher

I have just entered in this discussion board and I find the argument very interesting.
Howewer, I believe it would be better to hold our horses in order to be able to keep sharing ideas, if you are still interested.
There is no doubt, about the need of measurements to define success or failure of a given methodology (and in all disciplines there should be measurements). But this is not UniNetís present goal. UniNet is now in a stage of integration and expansion, aiming at developing the utilization of low cost communication tools. The members of this community are performing intense educational tasks about the use of these tools by health care members (phisycians, nurses, technicians, bioengineers, assistants and others).
Conditions are not ready for the development of a prospective, randomized, double blind †trial, with external evaluation in order to determine quantitatively success or failure of this methodology. And maybe there is no justification for it.

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