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Moderating Effect of General Self-Efficacy on the Relationship Between Sensation-Seeking and Adolescent Substance Use

Baker, J.R. (Department of Human Movement Studies, University of Queensland, Australia)
Yardley, J.K. (Faculty of Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies Brock University, Canada)
Montelpare, W.J. (School of Kinesiology, Lakehead University, Canada)

Contact Person: Joseph Baker (jbaker@hms.uq.edu.au)


Previous research has clearly identified main effect relationships for sensation-seeking and self-concept with substance use (e.g., Newcomb & McGee, 1991; Kinnier, Metha, Okey and Keim, 1994). However, no known studies have considered the moderating relationship these two predictor variables may have with each other. This study examined the moderating effect of a measure of self-concept (general self-efficacy; Scherer and Adams, 1983) on the predictive relationship of sensation seeking and substance use in adolescents. Four forms of substance use were examined; alcohol, tobacco and marijuana use, and binge drinking, each measured in the last month. Moderated hierarchical multiple regression analyses were used to examine the relationships among study variables. Consistent with previous literature, main effect relationships were found for sensation-seeking and general self-efficacy with each of the outcomes. However, general self-efficacy was found to be a significant moderator of the sensation-seeking-marijuana use relationship. A graph of this interaction (Aiken & West, 1991) indicates that a high sense of general self-efficacy acts as a buffer in this relationship. This finding indicates that the sensation-seeking-marijuana use relationship is more complex than previous literature suggests. On the other hand, general self-efficacy does not moderate sensation-seeking relationships with alcohol or tobacco.

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Poster Number PAbaker0125
Keywords: substance-use, sensation-seeking, adolescence, self-efficacy

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Baker, J.R.; Yardley, J.K.; Montelpare, W.J.; (1998). Moderating Effect of General Self-Efficacy on the Relationship Between Sensation-Seeking and Adolescent Substance Use. Presented at INABIS '98 - 5th Internet World Congress on Biomedical Sciences at McMaster University, Canada, Dec 7-16th. Available at URL http://www.mcmaster.ca/inabis98/biomededu/baker0125/index.html
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