Know an alum who continued in dance? Let Dave know!

Jen Johnson

McMaster Dancers (1991-96)

Jen Johnson returned to choreograph a dance on the company for the American College Dance Festival. Jen created Under The Lake, a 10-minute piece which included modern dance and text. The dance received excellent feedback from the adjudicators at Bowling Green State University, March 2001. The dancers were Anne-Marie Cayer, Meghann Clark, Sarah Hamilton, Abby Lichtenberger, Tomiko Robson. Lighting design by Andrew Dollar. The dance was also performed in the Mac Dancers Spring production Amulet. Jen recently returned from a 5-week summer dance tour of England with Dave Wilson's Parahumans Dance Theatre. She will present "psst" for the Toronto Dance Fringe Festival with her performances on August 10/11/13, 2002.

Jenny-Anne McCowan

McMaster Dancers (1993-97)

Jenny-Anne has been both choreographing and performing for over seven years and throughout her career has had the opportunity to perform and present her work in numerous venues throughout Toronto and abroad. Some of the highlights of her career were performances at the Resolution Dance Festival, with Parahumans Dance Theatre in London, England, the International Universities Dance Festival in Lyon, France, the American College Dance Festival in Miami, USA, and several appearances as a member of Parahumans Dance Theatre and as an Independent at the Toronto Dance Fringe Festival. In November, Jenny-Anne completed her MA degree in Dance at York University, Toronto. She will be presenting "The Birthday Party" at the Fringe Festival in August.

Tomiko Robson

McMaster Dancers (1997-2002)

Since graduating from McMaster University in the spring of 2002, Tomiko has had the opportunity to be a part of the Parahumans 2002 UK tour. As part of this 5 week tour, Tomiko taught and performed repetoire and improvised dance throughout Norther England Universities. This fall, Tomiko will be moving to Vancouver to attend UBC's education program. There, she looks forward to checking out the dance scene on Canada's west coast.

Kelly Vanderboom

McMaster Dancers (1998-2001)

Kelly graduated from McMaster University with an Hons. Bachelor of Kinesiology in April 2001. Since then she has worked as a kinesiologist, alongside a physiotherapist, in a private rehabilitation clinic in Richmond Hill. This gave her an enormous amount of experience in the field where she had the opportunity to treat a variety of injuries and post surgical patients. While working she also found time to dance with The Dream Dancers in the "90 minute improv" in Toronto last year and perform and choreograph for the Hamilton Dance Company. The Hamilton Dance Company's recent show at the Art Gallery of Hamilton was a great success where Kelly's new piece "In Vivo" was featured.

This June Kelly attended the Granville Ferry Summer Dance program in Nova Scotia. This month long program incorporated group and private modern technique classes along with repertiore from The Danny Grossman Company. Kelly enjoyed this amazing experience where the directors really tuned in to her individual dance needs and weaknesses to develop accurate and effective technique and performance. The dancers showcased a number of repertoire pieces at the end of the month to the local townspeople, who were thrilled to have something to do on a Saturday night in a small town!!

Kelly is currently seeking a job in sports therapy/personal training where she can use her skills in dance to help rehabilitate patients and train them for better performance. She will be performing with the Hamilton Dance Company for a second year and she hopes to continue to dance for a long time. In fact, Kelly believes her time at McMaster was just a stepping stone to the experiences and possibilities that the future holds. She thanks the Centre for Dance and Dave Wilson for their continued dedication and support for dance and dancers in the community.