Presently most of the company dance activities take place in the Rose Hill Dance Studio in the Ivor Wynne Centre. Other sessions are in the Mezzanine, Activity Centre or David Braley Studio. The Rose Hill Studio is also host to Department of Kinesiology practica - lifestyle, dance and body-mind-spirit courses and the Department of Recreation fitness and tai chi classes. The studio is also utilized by the McMaster Dance Club (a student initiative). Any McMaster student can use the space when it is not booked for another scheduled activity. The studio is approximately 2,300 square feet, has fixed and portable ballet barres and a Rosco dance floor over a high quality sprung wood floor.

Rose Hill Dance Studio

Activity Centre

The Pulse

Our fitness facility has a full array of fitness equipment including free weights, stairmasters, universal bikes, Nordic track and rowing machines. It also offers aerobic classes and personal training sessions. The facility is open to both students and community.


The dance office is adjacent to the Rose Hill Dance Studio and allows for good communication between teachers, students and administrators.

David Braley Athletic Centre


The Arthur Burridge Gymnasium is the main venue for Maruader Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Wrestling, and Intramural activities. Swimming pool is 50 metre 6-lane and is home to the many aquatic programs and home to the varsity swim and the water polo teams. This area includes a spectator gallery.

Mills Library