Organizing Committee

Robin Griffin Joanie Cooke
Heather Grigg
Robin Griffin
Programme Committee
Joanie Cooke
Finance and Administration
Matt Yardley Doris McGuire Mark Shore
Matt Yardley
Doris McGuire
Volunteer Committee
Mark Shore
Meals and Entertainment
Jane Devries Gerry Gysbers Gord Stephan
Jane Devries
Green IT Committee
Gerry Gysbers
Technology Committee
Gord Stephan
Communications and Media

Committee Responsibilities

Programme Committee

The programme committee is responsible for all aspects of developing an exciting & interesting programme:

  • proposing themes for 6 or 7 parallel session streams, for approval by the steering committee & CUCCIO
  • developing the Call for Papers inviting potential speakers to propose presentations of general interest within one of the streams
  • reminding universities to encourage submissions from their people
  • adjudicating submissions (liaison with Lori & CUCCIO-appointed subcommittees, one for each stream)
  • optimizing allocation of keynote & parallel sessions to available time slots and rooms
  • liaison with speakers to support them & encourage early submission of slides through session chairs, volunteers, etc.
  • work with the communications subcommittee to publish the programme (web page, USB key, possibly an overview card)

Volunteer Committee

The volunteer committee will be responsible for organizing and co-ordinating all volunteers for the conference in conjunction with all other sub-groups. Volunteers will be needed for many detail aspects of the conference, such as giving directions, set up, clean up(if needed), room monitors, parking, links to essential services, 'gophers'.
Training will be provided prior to the event.

Communications Committee

This group is responsible for establishing communication procedures to facilitate the organization and execution of the CANHEIT conference.  Through the creative use of the internet, twitter and/or blog pages, email, campus signs, electronic poster boards, and any other communication tools available, the team will help to ensure that conference attendees have the information that they need to get the maximum benefit from the conference.  The team will also arm the conference volunteers and organizers with the tools to allow them to keep the conference on track and help them to react quickly to emergencies or program changes.

Green IT Committee

The CANHEIT 2011 committee is dedicated to ensuring that the educational benefits of the conference do not come at a great cost to the environment. This CANHEIT sub-committee is dedicated to delivering a green conference through participation in a significant Carbon Offset project and by brainstorming and implementing small earth-friendly initiatives. Attendees and conference organizers are encouraged to send us ideas. Together, we can make CANHEIT 2011 a conference of which we can all be proud.

Event Planning Committee

This group is responsible for organizing the after-hours events during the CANHEIT conference.  These include a meet and greet social, an after-dinner entertainment program, and a self-guided spousal program.  These fun events will provide all conference guests the opportunity to decompress, network and socialize.  Entertainment and activities will showcase the Golden Horseshoe region

Technology Committee

The technology committee is responsible for procuring, setup and operation of all technological requirements for the conference. This will include large screen monitors, networking requirements, guest pc services and wireless access for all conference guests. This is an integral part of our conference efforts to be as environmentally friendly as possible