Installing Mobile GPS apps For McMasterUniversity

Installing MacMap on iPhone and iPad


Go to the App store on iTunes, and search for MacMap. There is no charge for this app. Download and install as any other app. This app is quite intuitive and easy to use. For bestresults, make sure the GPS function of your phone is turned on.


Installing on a Blackberry


On the Blackberry, go to

Enter any email address (does not use it for activation/validation) and hit Go. Click the link to download and install Freeance View (free application).

Once downloaded and installed, click Run or run the app from your Applications tray. Check the 3 boxes and click Ok. Choose "No" when it asks about Sample Maps.

On the setup screen enter the following details:

Freeance Server:
Profile Name: canheit2011

Press your Enter/Select button and choose Save.

Once listed, choose either the "McMaster Campus Basemap" or "McMaster Campus Aerial map". When the map is loaded press your Blackberry button and choose  "My Location" to show where you are on campus.

There are some known issues about Blackberry's not being able to connect to Freeance due to using a Blackberry Enterprise Server.


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