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Mac People of Impact!

To celebrate McMaster’s 125th anniversary, the McMaster Alumni Association asked you, our alumni and friends: which McMaster figure – professor, benefactor, administrator, staff member, or graduate – has made the greatest impact.

After gathering all the nominees and weeks of voting the results are in and the following group rounded out the top of our list. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Senator William McMaster
  • Tommy Douglas ‘33
  • Ivor Wynne ‘40
  • Lincoln Alexander ‘49
  • Jack Gauldie ‘64
  • Roberta Bondar ‘77
  • Dalton McGuinty ‘78
  • Evan Jones ‘01
  • Adam van Koeverden ‘07
  • Oded Bar–Or
  • Dan Offord
  • Peter George
  • Peter Szatmari
  • David Sackett
To see the full list click the link in the right–side bar.

McMaster’s 125:
People of Impact

Jonathan Abrams
Salehuddin Ahmed
Henrietta Alderson
Lincoln Alexander
Norma Allewell
Sonia Anand
Syl Apps
Ted Arcand
Richard Bader
John Baldwin
Oded Bar–Or
Axel Becke
John Bell
Howard Bentall
Mohit Bhandari
Mick Bhatia
Norma Bidwell
Roberta Bondar
The Boris Family
Arthur Bourns
David Braley
Barbara Buchner
Martyn Burke
Charles Burke
Arthur Burridge

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125 People of Impact list

Group 14

Steve Mann ‘87

Amelia Hall ‘38

Tal Dehtiar ‘05

Matthew Choi ‘01

Dalton McGuinty ‘78

Dave Thomas ‘72

Dr. Calvin Harley ‘80



Group 13

John Kelton

Peter Szatmari

Frank Hayden

Mohit Bhandari ‘99

Adam Spence ‘04

Mark Tarnopolsky ‘85

Gary Schrobligen ‘74

Gary Purdy ‘62



Group 12

Suzanne Labarge ‘67

Kevin Lynch ‘80

Jonathan Abrams ‘95

John Bell ‘77

Tony Dean ‘80

Salehuddin Ahmed ‘74

Gordon Guyatt ‘77

Evan Jones ‘01



Group 11

The Boris Family

Adam Van Koeverden ‘07

Bartha Maria
Knoppers ‘72

Axel B. Becke ‘77

Sonia Anand ’92

Barry Lord ‘61

Dr. Martin Green ‘74

Braden Kurczak ‘03



Group 10

HooJung Jones ‘99

Mick Bhatia ‘92

James Orbinski ‘90

Anne–Marie Zajdlik ‘88

John Mighton ‘82

Peter George

Shawn Cheung ‘05

Melvin Preston



Group 9

Samantha Nutt ‘91

Nigel Fisher ‘71

Barbara Ferrier

Dan Offord

Michael G. DeGroote

C. Barber Mueller

Stephanie McLarty ‘03

Sameer Hajee ‘98



Group 8

Alvin Lee

Martin Short ‘72

William Shaw ‘66

Peter Rosenbaum

Richard B. (Dick) Day ‘77

Oded Bar–Or

Thérèse Quigley

Richard Heinzl ‘87



Group 7

Richard Bader ‘53

Roberta Bondar ‘77

Arthur Bourns

Fraser Matthews Fell ‘49

Douglas Henning ‘70

Michael Lee–Chin ‘74

Eugene Levy ‘69

Ivan Reitman ‘69
Rose Hill
John W. Hodgins



Group 6

Norma Allewell ’65

Theodore J. “Ted” Arcand ‘57

Barbara Buchner ‘48

Douglas Coleman ‘54

Jack Gauldie ’64

Jack Pelech ‘55

Myron Scholes ’62

James “Si” Taylor ‘51

Roger Neilson ‘56

H. Allan “Buck” Leal ‘40



Group 5

Gary Lautens ‘50

Henry (Harry) Thode

Harold Adams Innis ‘18

Russell Donnelly ‘51

John Evans

Dave Sackett

J. Fraser Mustard

Alma Reid

John Panabaker ‘50

Jonathan Frid ‘48



Group 4

Ivor Wynne ‘40

Leslie A. Prince

Henrietta Alderson

Margaret Lyons ‘49

Norma Bidwell ‘38

Charles Johnston ‘49

Arthur Burridge ‘15

Howard E. Petch ‘49
Herman Herzog Levy
Harry Lyman Hooker



Group 3

Lincoln Alexander ’49

David Braley

Martyn Burke

Teresa Cascioli ’83

Bob Fitzhenry ‘54

Ron Foxcroft

Melvin Hawkrigg ’52

Russ Jackson ’58

Ron Joyce

Lynton R. Wilson, O.C. ’62



Group 2

Thomas (Tommy) Clement Douglas ‘33

Charles Joseph Sylvanus (Syl) Apps ‘36

William Judd ‘38

C. Howard Bentall ‘37

The Honourable Mr. Justice Roy Lindsay Kellock ‘15

Martin Johns ‘33

George Peel Gilmour ‘21

John R. Baldwin ‘33

Charles Burke

E. Carey Fox 1906



Group 1

William McMaster

Moulton McMaster

Alexander Fyfe

C.S. Wallace

Charles McKay

Primrose Whidden ‘1894

Stephen Eaton ‘1905

Baker McQuesten
W.J. Westaway
Reverend Dr. John MacNeill ‘1892


125 People of Impact

Which McMaster figure has made the greatest impact? We want to hear what you think!



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