* Summary
* Introduction
* History

* Report System
         * Hardware requirements
         * Operative system
         * Database
         * Local Area Network (LAN)
         * Report System Software (Pathology Information System)
         * Data mining system
         * Activity report (quantification)
* Bibliography

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Management and Automation in Pathology Laboratories

Dr. Marcial García Rojo.


Pathology Dept. Complejo Hospitalario.
Avda. Pio XII s/n. 13004 Ciudad Real. Spain



There is a tendency for information systems in pathology to be integrated in the central hospital information system (HIS). This can only be done with success after standardization of data structure and interchange and coding systems (for instance, HL-7 and SNOMED). Every step in the processing of specimens and elaboration of reports must be oriented to the final user (secretary, pathologist, and laboratory staff). New trends in automation (specimen processing) and computing (speech recognition, image analysis) should be taken into account when designing and implementing a new system. Data mining and analytical quantification are two of the most important sections the pathologist will require in the information system.

Key Words: Pathology, Informatics, Hospital Information System

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