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"Medical Informatics and rational Drug use in CUBA"

A. Rodríguez. (Scientific Information Dept.) Pharmacoepidemiology Development Center.Havana CUBA

C. Portuondo (Medical Informatics) Pharmacoepidemiology Development Center. Havana CUBA

JL. Pérez Peña (Director).Pharmacoepidemiology Development Center. Havana CUBA.

   A.Galdo (Medical Informatics) Pharmacoepidemiology Development Center. Havana CUBA

Contact Person: Ana Rodríiguez (cdf@infomed.sld.cu)


Due to severe economical difficulties in the early 90’s, Cuban Health Ministry had the task to identify the necessity of permanent treatment for chronic diseases in every patient in the whole Country, in order to establish a new policy towards drugs. In order to accomplish this objective the National Drug Program was developed.

This program yielded many obsolete therapeutical approaches along the Country and so Pharmacoepidemiology Development Center was created, in order to identify Primary Health Care situation in the whole country, provide current scientifically based information to all prescribers, promotion of research and continued medical education in this field.

With this purpose the Pharmacoepidemiology network was created two years ago. It extends all throughout the country involving 169 Municipalities which work in coordination with National Pharmacoepidemiology Development Center.

In two years drug policies for different focal groups have been developed, changes in prescription habits start to show results, information addressed towards all prescribers is achieving larger scopes and trends to facilitate continued medical education.

In this paper we will show the network’s goals and the importance of medical informatics within this context.


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Poster Number PArodriguez0836
Keywords: health police, informatics, pharmacoepidemiol, information

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