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Our work tries to present a simple technique low cost and within reach of all the social classes, since the determination and identification of human  rest exist at the present time technical very sophisticated in, which single are  made in great cities, and not in small cities like our City (Culiacán Sinaloa),  Although our single technique determines sex, this is an important step in the identification of a human rest, this technique can be made by Doctors, odontólogos and including technicians, since it is a technique easy to make, in  addition of which its cost is quite accessible approximately, 20 pesos mexican ( $ 2.45 dollar) by evaluation.
The social contribution and technological this given in the utility of this in the natural disasters, plane Crashes, in Criminalistica, where the use of this technique can  make but the identification simple and cheap of sex in human rest.


  1. To determine the sensitivity of the technique before the physical  anthropology.
  2. To determine the specificity of the technique before the Physical Anthropology.
  3. To verify the utility of the technique in the Identification of Sex in  human rest.
  4. To implement a cheap technique, and within reach of any social  layer of the country and the world


To carry out the identification of a bony rest several determinations are needed and within them this the age, sex, the constitution, conformation, traumatismos, marks odontológica between otros;(1,2) all of them  mean a passage in the identification of a corpse one of the doctor-legal problems but common when finding bones are to determine as it was the sex of the rest, at  the present time and per decades technical antropometricas like Standard of gold in the determination of sex in bones and rest humanos;(3,4 ) in this work this seting out the technique of a acetic acid Orceina in dental pulp like a technique that like the physical anthropology is a simple technique, of low cost and within reach of all the developed countries, of those developing ones. In Literature several antropometricas techniques like the one of the metacarpianos, the measurement of the hip, the face, characteristic prominencias are handled morphologic muscular insertions, technical radiologica characteristic morphologic of   the skull between otras;(3,4,5,6) each one of them has very specific criteria for the determination of sex, that with the  physical passage of time and phenomena they can alter these characteristics, and is necessary to mention that a technique in case single he is not able to be trustworthy 100% in the determination of sex; without forgetting the fenotípicas characteristics each  race, which have made a problem in the determination of sex in bones. Taking into account that the dental pulp, is a rich zone in cells, (macrofagos, nomadic, ameboideas cells, lymphocytes) in addition to being a natural capsule where the  morphology is conserved during a6nos.(7,8) Considering the results obtained with the previous work, denominated Determination of sex by identification of Corpuscle of Barr in dental pulp, presented/displayed and awarded with the first place in free subjects in Congress Cientific International  the Federation of Students Latinoamerican of Society Cientific of students of Medicine (FELSOCEM) made in Cuzco Republic of Perú;(9) This investigation with the purpose is made of verifying the sensitivity and mentioned  specificity of technical before the standard one of gold that is the Physical Anthropology.
They exist technical of molecular Biology in the identification of sex in alive people and  in corpses but they are not within reach of all países.(10,11,12) Within the objectives that we considered is to validate our technique, like a useful, simple technique and of low cost in the identification of sex in bones our hypothesis is  that because the dental pulp is a natural capsule and a rich place in cells we hoped to  find the corpuscle of Barr, (12) since became in in the previous work (Cuzco 1996),  and thus before the used antropometricos methods in the work one hopes to find the   sensitivity and specificity of the technique that we propose, sufficient so that it is a   useful technique in the determination of sex in human bony rest.



Type of cross-sectional, prospectivo, descriptive, comparative observacional Study.
In order to carry out our project 5 skulls were used, 3 obtained of  common grave and 2 of the Amphitheatre of the Faculty; 2 feminine and 3 masculine ones, to which I am made 10 samples to them being these written down in key, so that  those of the technical histología did not know sex true the samples, the selection of the  skulls was made with the characteristic to have teeth since it was tried to reject those  that did not have them, since all the skulls had teeth I do not exclude no from the  sample.
For the obtaining of the skulls of the common grave gloves were used, cubrebocas,  overall, two shovels and one sweeps to make the excavation, later occurred to the task  of washing and to clean of the rest of soft weave, later I am made the following antropometricas measurements to them:

Considering that the accomplishment of the measures I am carried out by means of a  numeration completely without information to make the histologicas samples, since  those that made the antropometricas measures, Made the extraction of the histologicas
samples and those that processed the samples did not know the origin these since   they were classified with Key.
Each one of the measurements I am made to them of the following way:
* Capacity the  orifices with wax jammed to them to avoid the escape of I eliminate and to make but the  measurement exact, was moderate in a test tube standerizada with 1000 mililiter
* Measured of the Skull I am used a tape measure of a meter.
* Morphology described  each one of the elements and bony prominencias that conform to each skull.

Mainly the following ones:
 element  Characteristicfeminine  masculine Characteristic
Apofisis estiloides  Absent   present
frontal Bone       Cleared  flattened 
supraorbital Hueso no  pronounced   pronounced 

 * Radiologico method of J.L. Ceballo

I am made 4 measures to them which will be  divided between 6, giving an index which determines the agreement sex feminine
measured following wings masculine greater of 8.800 and minor to the 8125 and  intervals is determined with the aid of another antropometrico method. the measures  are the following one:

      1.  - Sagital diameter
      2.  - The two mastoideas heights, right and  left,
      3.  - the wide one mandibular,
      4.  - The width of each one of the angles mandibulares

the extraction of it samples and their process of tincion I  am carried out of in three stages.
1.-Se I use the technique of habitual endodontica  extraction, using motor of high speed, diamond strawberries and carbide, in addition to  you file to endodonticas series I number one; so that later the sample in portaobjetos  was placed.
2. - I am carried out the histologica technique of the following way:

  Fixed with alcohol to 70%. I let myself dry to medio.ambiente.
  Tiñio with Oreceina  Acetic Acido during 5 minutes.
  Him retirement the excess of Colorante with distilled Water.
  I am placed the Cubreobjetos to him, for its better protection of the sample.
3. - The samples in a microscope Nikon Labophot with closed circuit were observed, to look for the corpuscle of Barr; later photographies were taken them.

In order to make the method of acetic acid orceina, dental pieces 5 of each skull were  used at random, this will be completely without information as I am already mentioned  previously the process will be completely without information since the samples were  labeled and it processes the samples will not know the sex true of each sample, later  analyzed the results were taken into account the following points: Accomplishment of   the Statistical method of validation of one proves, Antropometrico Method versus   technique of Orceina acetic Acido.

                                                         Positives true A                               False Positives B 

                                                       False Negatives C                              False Positives D

                 YOU FORMULATE

                                                     Sensitivity = A/ A+C           Specificity D / B+D



Téchnique  Radilogica J.L. Ceballo
Number Craneo 1 2 3  4  Resultado
1 20cm  10cm   7800*
2  12.25cm 22.6cm  12.9 cm   11.3 cm 11533   **
3  24.6 cm  12.7 cm  12.2 cm  7.2 cm  9400    **
4 19 cm  11.2 cm  1.11 cm   7.0 Cm 8303   ***
5 22 cm  15.1 cm    14 cm 6.1 cm  9537   **



    1. .-  1333 cc
    2. .-  1530 cc
    3. .-  1580 cc
    4. .-  1400 cc
    5. .-  1590 cc
 element  Characteristic feminine  masculine Characteristic
Apofisis estiloides  Absent     1 And 4   present   2, 3, And 5
frontal Bone       Cleared    1 And 4  flattened   2, 3, And 5
supraorbital Hueso no  pronounced    1 And 4   pronounced   2, 3, And 5



Before mentioning the final result we will describe what one  was of general way in different laminillas that they reviewed, was a total of 50 samples  and was the following thing: An amount of crystals, like result of the scraped one of dent(.Fig 3)
was cellular groups of two types, grouped in countless cells, or separated dispersed this due to the moment of the scraped one dispersed or was in  piece.

The nuclei of the cells in search of the corpuscle of Barr  were reviewed and I am observed the Following thing:
20 Positive samples  to Corpuscle of Barr. of Skulls 1 and 4 (fig 1)
30 Negative samples to Corpuscle of Barr of  Skulls (Fig 2),


                                                         Positives true A   (20)                    False Positives B(0) 

                                                       False Negatives C (0)                      False Positives D(30)

                 YOU FORMULATE

                                                     Sensitivity = 20/ 20+0           Specificity 30 / 30+0

                                                               100%                                       100%

                     *    The sex that this as it bases   is the dice by the technique antropometrica
Téchnique Orcein Ácid acética 
 Téchnique Antropometric
Femenines 1  y  4 

Masculines 2, 3, 5

Femenines 1 y 4 

Masculines 2, 3, 5



              1. - The technique of Orceina Acetic Acido is as good as antropologia physical, had that
              when comparing the results with her this gave with a 100% of sensitivity and 100% of

              2. - It is not necessary to forget that people with sexual syndromes exist which can give
              false positives and false to negativos(Klinenfelter, Turner).

              3. - It has to remember that the antropometricos methods complement an a others and
              the technique of acetic acid Orceina in case single gives I diagnose.

              4. - It is a Simple Technique of low cost and within reach of any layer of the society.

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Fig 1

Corpuscule of Barr in Cell of Pulp Dent.


Fig 2

Ausent of Corpuscule of Barr in Cell of Pulp Dent.

                 Fig 3
                             An amount of crystals, like result of the scraped one of dent

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