Surgery and Orthopedics Poster Session

Poster 709 Report of Cancer Exchange System. Year of 1997. Central Registry.

Myles Clough

Dr. Gonzales-Navarro
Welcome to the 5th INABIS Conference. I hope you and your colleague will find it interesting.
How do the incidences of cancer and the 4 year survival compare to figures collected in other countries?
Do you have any ideas about the relative incidence of different cancers in your population and how it may relate to epidemiology? I noticed that rectal and colon cancer taken together had a very high incidence - comparable to breast and lung cancer. Is there anything in the diet that might explain that?
One small methodological comment. You do not mention male breast cancer in Table II but note 24 cases in Table III (same number of female cases in each table).
Myles Clough
Surgery Session Co-Chair
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