Surgery and Orthopedics Poster Session

Re: Poster 709 Report of Cancer Exchange System. Year of 1997. Central Registry.


On Mon Dec 7, Myles Clough wrote
>Dr. Gonzales-Navarro
>Welcome to the 5th INABIS Conference. I hope you and your colleague will find it interesting.
>How do the incidences of cancer and the 4 year survival compare to figures collected in other countries?
>Do you have any ideas about the relative incidence of different cancers in your population and how it may relate to epidemiology? I noticed that rectal and colon cancer taken together had a very high incidence - comparable to breast and lung cancer. Is there anything in the diet that might explain that?
>One small methodological comment. You do not mention male breast cancer in Table II but note 24 cases in Table III (same number of female cases in each table).
>Myles Clough
>Surgery Session Co-Chair

Dear Dr Myles Clough.

Many thanks for your advice.
In Table II, we put only the most frequently tumors ( in number), in Table III put all cases clasified according ICD.O list. We do not have real date about incidence of cancer.


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