Arachidonic Acid Metabolites, Other Inflammatory Mediators and Intestinal Ion Transport

Isoprostanes and ion transport: role of isoprostanes in inflammation-induced transport dysfunction

W.K. MacNaughton

Your paper on isoprostanes and ion transport is interesting from the standpoint of inflammation-induced epithelial ion transport dysfunction, as you allude to in your discussion.  We consistently observe a profound hyporesponsiveness to secretagogues in the inflamed colon.  Given the "final common mediator" role often ascribed to PGE2, one could speculate (a bit wildly I admit) that suppression of secretory function might be mediated in part by isoprostane-induced desensitization of EP receptors.  This assumes an inflammation-induced increase in tissue isoprostane levels which approach the concentrations you have used in your in vitro studies.  Do you know what the mucosal levels of isoprostanes are in inflamed gut?
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