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Dr. Woelfler
Thanx for the response.

On Fri Dec 11, Albert Woelfler wrote
>On Sun Dec 6, Grover wrote
>>Dr. Woelfler: Great presentation. áHope you have fun at the meeting. áI had never thought of melatonin as a calmodulin antagonist and your results show that it is not. áI am not sure what concentrations of TFP you used as TFP itself can have membrane effets unrelated to calmodulin.

>Dear Dr Grover,

>Melatonin has been reported to bind to the calcium/calmodulin complex with high affinity (Life Sci (1993)53: 201-207; FASEB (1998) 13: 1401-1408) and it has been shown to inhibit Ca/calmodulin -dependent enzymes in presence of Ca/calmodulin in biochemical assays (Brain Res (1991) 557: 289-292; Biochim Biophys Acta (1996) 1290: 191-196). However, whether melatonin can bind to calmodulin and inhibit the activation of calmodulin-dependent enzymes within cells is ánot known.
>We used 1 to 10ÁM TFP. At this concentrations TFP has been shown to be a potent calmodulin inhibitor.

>Albert Woelfler

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