Quinones and Other Reactive Oxygen Species in Neurobiologic, Apoptotic, and Neurotoxic Processes


Hyman Schipper

Dr. Galzigna: For a number of years, our lab has been investigating an astrocyte peroxidase activity that readily oxidizes dopamine and catecholestrogens to their respective o-semiquinone radicals (e.g. Schipper HM et al, J Neurosci 11:2170-76,1981; Schipper HM, Neurobiol Aging 17:467-80,1996). However, we have shown that this peroxidase activity is non-enzymatic in nature and likely mediated by mitochondrial ferrous iron. Is the dopamine peroxidase activity you are describing enzymatic or non-enzymatic? If the former, what is the biochemical profile of the enzyme (pH range of activity, substrate preferences, etc.)? Thanks.
Hyman Schipper
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