Quinones and Other Reactive Oxygen Species in Neurobiologic, Apoptotic, and Neurotoxic Processes

The possible role of catecholamines toxicity in the nigrostriatal neuronal degeneration in Parkinson's disease

Richard M. Kostrzewa

This is an excellent review of possible mechanisms underlying degeneration of SNpc neurons in Parkinson's disease. The implication of apoptotic processes in nigral cell death represents a newer direction for developing "neuroprotective" anti-apoptotic agents. Nevertheless, the basic assumption still seems to be that it is oxidative stress that induces apoptosis. From your many in vivo, and particularly in vitro studies, the oxidative stress produced by dopamine metabolism appears to be critical for inducing neuronal death. Intracellular dopamine metabolism perhaps should be the primary target for drugs in preventing nigral cell death. Could you please comment on this.
   On a related note, should glia be relegated to a higher level as targets for drugs that might prevent SNpc death? Might glia be important in processes other than preventing activation of MPTP and putative neurotoxins?
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