Oxidative Stress and the CNS

Re^2: Symposium 439-Thanx


Dr. Juurlink
 Are the two structures in close proximity for the protection to work - due to my lack of knowledge of anatomy this is what I don't know.

On Sun Dec 13, Bernhard H.J. Juurlink wrote
>Dear Dr. Grover,  There is much evidence from in vitro work that astrocytes can give protection to oligodendrocytes.  This may be by 1) scavenging strong oxidants in the oligodendrocyte's microenvironment as demonstrated by Dr. Yong's laboratory, or possibly by 2) reducing cystine to cysteine and transferring cysteine to oligodendrocytes (cysteine is more readily taken up by cells than is cystine) as has been demonstrated for neurons by Dr. Sagara and colleagues, or 3) by the release of yet unidentifed factors by astrocytes that enable oligodendrocytes to withstand oxidative stress.

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