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Dr. Grunze
Thanx for the response.

On Thu Dec 10, HEINZ Grunze wrote
>On Sun Dec 6, Grover wrote
>>Dr. Grunze: Hope you are enjoying the meeting.  Great poster.Could you clarify for me whether based on these results you think that valproate worked only in one patient because acute mania is a multifactorial disorder or because there is difference between patients in the bioavailability of valproate in the brain areas which would be affected by it?
>Sorry for the late reply. Just to clarify it :4/5 were considered as responders, the non- responder was a ultra-ultra rapid cycling patient. This is, in my opinion, a clearly different state from "normal" bipolar, and seems to be more sensitive to agents regulating intracellular calcium homeostasis. I think that the difference in the presumably underlying pathophysiology explains the non- response in this very special patient.

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