Molecular and Cellular Analysis of Dopamine and Serotonin Transporters

Re: Poster 727, reply to Dr. Grover

Tiziana Mennini

Dear Dr. Grover
First of all we have to apologize for the delay in participating to the discussion board, but our provider was out of order for 4 days and we could reach the web site only yesterday.
As to your interesting question, we said that the d-fenfluramine-induced [3H]5-HT release (fig. 1) was
(5-HT)carrier-dependent because it was completely antagonized by
1 M citalopram, a well known 5-HT carrier blocker.
Citalopram could affect both d-fenfluramine entry into the synaptosome
or the carrier-mediated [3H]5-HT release.
Our data suggest that 5-HT carrier is involved in both mechanisms:
- on d-fenfluramine entry: according to the selectivity of this drug on 5-HT release.
- on [3H]5-HT efflux: since also in the absence of MAO inhibitor the
release is mainly due to unmetabolized 5-HT, as commented in the discussion.
With many thanks, Tiziana Mennini and Marco Gobbi

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