Molecular and Cellular Analysis of Dopamine and Serotonin Transporters



Dr. Mennini
Thanx for the response.

On Fri Dec 11, Tiziana Mennini wrote
>Dear Dr. Grover
>First of all we have to apologize for the delay in participating to the discussion board, but our provider was out of order for 4 days and we could reach the web site only yesterday.
>As to your interesting question, we said that the d-fenfluramine-induced [3H]5-HT release (fig. 1) was
>(5-HT)carrier-dependent because it was completely antagonized by
>1 M citalopram, a well known 5-HT carrier blocker.
>Citalopram could affect both d-fenfluramine entry into the synaptosome
>or the carrier-mediated [3H]5-HT release.
>Our data suggest that 5-HT carrier is involved in both mechanisms:
>- on d-fenfluramine entry: according to the selectivity of this drug on 5-HT release.
>- on [3H]5-HT efflux: since also in the absence of MAO inhibitor the
>release is mainly due to unmetabolized 5-HT, as commented in the discussion.
>With many thanks, Tiziana Mennini and Marco Gobbi

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