Neuropharmacology Poster Session

Re: Pinealectomy and PHNO

Mathew T. Martin-Iverson

On Tue Dec 8, Dave Kennaway wrote

>This is an interesting study.  I have been fascinated by your original observations for some time and I am glad that you are back studying the phenomenon again.  Do you intend attempting suprachiasmatic nucleus destruction in rats infused with PHNO?  I suspect that the tolerance sensitisation is occurring at a site innervated by efferents from the SCN.  The tracing literature should give you some clues where to look further.

>Dave Kennaway
Dear Dave,
Thanks for your interest - I wish granting agencies felt the same way, but neither Canadian nor Australian granting bodies seem to like the circadian rhythms in the development of tolerance/sensitisation (hence the period of no research in the area). I am currently looking for a student who may be interested in doing SCN lesions ...


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