MAOIs: Multiple Effects and Sites of Action

Re: Symposium 524

Kirsten Culver

Thanks for the words of encouragement! I was pretty pleased with the HPLC results as well.

With regards to moclobemide's affinity for brain I2 sites, it would appear that moclobemide doesn't compete against [3H] idazoxan binding at I2 imidazoline preferring receptors. Ro 41-1049 isn't much better, displacing [3H] idazoxan binding with a very low potency (Ki=79,000nM). Clorgyline, on the other hand, has a very high affinity for the I2 site (Ki=0.04nM).

Hope you are enjoying the conference. I'll be in touch in the new year to let you know when I will be sending you the next group of brains!

Have a great holiday,

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