Signal Transduction in Endothelium: Mechano-Sensing, Ion Channels and Intracellular Calcium

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Klaus groschner

On Wed Dec 9, Bernd Nilius wrote
>To Klaus Groschner: Do you have any idea why the trunctaed trp3 disrupts the activation of a non-selective cation channel? We were not able to verify that trp3, when overexpressed was store dependent? Have you any explanation? Did you try to transfect the cells woth anti-sense trp3 ? Any result?

To Bernd Nilius: Since the N-terminal domain is likely to mediate in particular heterooligomeric assembly of Trp channels, overexpression of NTRP is expected to disrupt any kind of functional Trp homo- or heterooligomer. A role of hTrp3 homomultimers in the non-selective conductance is unlikely since our PCR experiments suggests that hTrp3 expression is much lower in HUVEC than in HEK293, whereas the non-selecive currents are clearly larger in HUVEC than in HEK293 (unpublished data). As yet, we donīt have results with the antisense approach - which may indeed allow for a conclusion on the role of the invidual Trp isoforms.  

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