Hypertension I: Structure of Small Arteries in Hypertension

To Prof. AM Heagerty

Damiano Rizzoni

Thank you for your very interesting "state of the art" presentation !
I know that you have doubts about the hypothesis that vascular structure may act as an "amplifier" of hypertensive stimuli, and you suggest in your presentation that "all the structural alterations occur as a consequence of hypertension".
Hovever, there are data suggesting that vascular changes may precede the onset of hypertension in animal models (SHR). In addition, Aalkjaer and coll. have observed the presence of an increased media:lumen ratio in subcutaneous small arteries of offspring of hypertensive parents.
Could you comment on that ?
Best wishes

Note from chairman!  Please refer to next message from Dr. Rizzoni on this point.

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