Hypertension I: Structure of Small Arteries in Hypertension

0704 Lehoux Static and pulsatile stretch

Russell L. Prewitt

Dr. Lehoux:
  This is a very nice study showing a difference in signal pathways for a steady increase in pressure and pulsatile stretch.  I would like to ask why 20% FCS is added to your medium as this may induce phenotypic changes in the SMC and alter the responses to the mechanical forces?  FCS contains many growth factors, cytokines and unknown elements that would never be seen by a normal vessel.  In resistance size arteries FCS leads to SMC migration and DNA synthesis, a clearly abnormal situation.
  Why do you use pressures outside the physiological range, i.e. 10 and 150 mmHg?
   You are careful to prevent damage to the endothelium.  Do you have any evidence that the endothelial cells participate in the response to pressure or cyclic stretch?
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