Molecular Mechanisms of Ageing



Dr. Toda
Thanx for the response.
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>>Dr. Toda:Hope you are enjoying the meeting.  Great poster. I am impressed.  A couple of related questions.  First, there are a number of proteins which have been identified with cell scenescence.  From your study of the data base, are those protein bands changing as well.   Essentially, I am wondering about verification with the current literature.  Second question.  Have you compared or have plans to compare similar data bases of different cells?  It is only then, we will find the common denominators.  I must say it is a powerful tool.

>Dr. Grover,
>Thank you for your comment and question.
>Identification of spot proteins by mass spectrometry is now ongoing in our laboratory. But we have not yet succeeded in assigning any spot on the 2-D gel map to proteins which have been reported as a cell senescence marker.  We may  achieve direct identification of spot proteins if the specific antibody is available. But unfortunately we don't have such antibody. So I would like to ask for collaboration with researchers who may offer specific antibodies against cellular senescence-related proteins to assign the location on our 2-D gel map.
>We have a plan to compare our 2-D gel map with keratinocyte database prepared by Celis in Danish Centre of Human Genome Research. Common denominators will be applied to matched proteins between two databases.

>Tosifusa Toda

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