Cytokines, Monoamines and Behavior

SAlinthorst0892, Communication Between the Immune System and the Central, Nervous System: Highly Differentiated Brain Neurotransmitter Responses, During Peripheral Inflammation, Astrid CE Linthorst,

Hymie Anisman

Hi Dr. Linthorst
Your data concerning the differential effects of LPS and various cytokines on hippocampal 5-HT are very exciting. We too have been assessing the effects of these cytokines on behavior, HPA hormones and central transmitters. While we observed, for instance, that IL-1 and TNFa had synergistic effects on behavior and plasma corticosterone levels, we saw no such effect on NE, DA or 5-HT levels or metabolites in a number of brain regions (hypothalamic and various limbic sites). The amines, however, were determined in postmortem tissues. Have you evaluated synergistic effects of the cytokines on 5-HT release in vivo?
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