Cytokines, Monoamines and Behavior

Re: SAlinthorst0892, Communication Between the Immune System and the Central, Nervous System: Highly Differentiated Brain Neurotransmitter Responses, During Peripheral Inflammation, Astrid CE Linthorst,

Astrid C.E. Linthorst

On Tue Dec 8, Hymie Anisman wrote
>Hi Dr. Linthorst
>Your data concerning the differential effects of LPS and various cytokines on hippocampal 5-HT are very exciting. We too have been assessing the effects of these cytokines on behavior, HPA hormones and central transmitters. While we observed, for instance, that IL-1 and TNFa had synergistic effects on behavior and plasma corticosterone levels, we saw no such effect on NE, DA or 5-HT levels or metabolites in a number of brain regions (hypothalamic and various limbic sites). The amines, however, were determined in postmortem tissues. Have you evaluated synergistic effects of the cytokines on 5-HT release in vivo?

Dear Hymie,
Thanks for your comments on our paper. The idea of synergistic effects of cytokines is very interesting. Although we did not study synergistic effects of cytokines on hippocampal 5-HT release, our data suggest that IL-1 is the main mediator of LPS-induced 5-HT changes. I.c.v. injection of TNF-alpha (and IL-6) were ineffective.

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