Cytokines, Monoamines and Behavior

, Long-term Effects of Neonatal Exposure to Endotoxin on the Development of Neuroendocrine-immune Interactions

Alexander Kusnecov

Hi Nola:

As always a nice body of work. I was wondering whether the effects you observed were specific to challenge during the preweanling stage or whether similar long term effects would occur if post-weaned animals were challenged with a similar regimen of LPS and tested after an identical period of time had elapsed? You may not have tested this, but I think it's important to determine whether the long term effects on behavioral and neuroendocrine responses are dependent on a certain state of immunological maturity and/or neural-immune interactivity specific to the preweanling stage. There is also the possibility that maternal factors vis-a-vis a "sick" pup may influence the long term outcome.

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