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INABIS '98 - The Internet World Congress on Biomedical Sciences at McMaster University, Canada
Internet World Congress '98
Invited Symposium

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Maternal Behaviour

Chair: Maria Cruz Rodriguez del Cerro (National University of Distance Education of Madrid, Spain)
Co-Chair: Michael Numan (Boston College, USA)
Invited Symposium

0816 Activation Of Fos-Like Immunoreactivity In The Accesory Olfactory Bulbs Folowing Induction Of Maternal Behavior In Prenatally Stressed Rats.
J.L. Rodríguez-Martín (Dpto. Psicobiología, U.N.E.D. Madrid, Spain)
C. Pérez-Laso (Dpto. Psicobiología, U.N.E.D. Madrid, Spain)
M.L. Barona (Dpto. Psicobiología, U.N.E.D. Madrid, Spain)
E. Ortega (Dpto. Bioquímica y Biología Molecular Fac. Medicina Granada, Spain)
A. Guillamón (Dpto. Psicobiología, U.N.E.D. Madrid, Spain)
S. Segovia (Dpto. Psicobiología, U.N.E.D. Madrid, Spain)
M.C.R. Del Cerro (Dpto. Psicobiología, U.N.E.D. Madrid, Spain)

0822 Expression of Fos Genes in the Brain and Maternal Behavior
M Numan (Department of Psychology, Boston College, USA)
TP Sheehan (Department of Psychology, Boston College, USA)
EC Stack (Department of Biology, Boston College, USA)

0875 Parental Responsiveness in New Parents: Associations Between Hormones, Responses to Infant Cues and Parental Attitudes and Behavior.
A Fleming (Department of Psychology, University of Toronto at Mississauga, Canada)
J Stallings (Department of Anthropology, Emory University, USA)
J deCatanzaro (St. Joseph's Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
M Steiner (St. Joseph's Hospital and McMaster University, Canada)
C Worthman (Department of Anthropology, Emory University, Canada)
C Worter (Institute of Child Studies, University of Toronto, Ontario)

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