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COVID-19 Academin Contingency Planning

COVID-19 Academic Contingency Planning

Thank you to all of our faculty, instructors, sessional instructors and instructional staff for your thoughtful reconsideration of your course requirements this term. We understand that this has been a tumultuous week and truly appreciate that you have kept the students' academic success and their emotional health and well-being at the forefront of your decisions.

McMaster is deeply committed to supporting our community during the rapid changes taking place worldwide due to COVID-19. These frequently asked questions are intended to guide McMaster Instructors. We will continue to update FAQs as needed.

For information about new grading options please go to Registrar's Office COVID site.


+ What are the top priorities for teaching?

+ What are the key guidelines for Instructors on term assessments?

+ What if I need to modify my evaluation scheme?

+ What are the key guidelines for Instructors on online testing and exams?

+ What about my undergraduate thesis students?

+ What is the approval process for modifications to course evaluation plans?

+ Where can Instructors find guidance and resources?

+ Where can students access McMaster Student Absence Forms (MSAFs) and absence reporting?

+ What can I do to support Accessibility, Equity and Inclusion during and after this transition?

+ What are course withdrawal options for students?

+ What is the status of registration for Spring and Summer terms?

+ Are there any different guidelines for modifying graduate coursework and assessment?


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