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POUR Principle

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Being a Web Contributor

At this point you are done with content that concerns Administrators and Managers, and moving on to lessons about accessible content for Web Contributors. You are most likely a web contributor if you prepare content and hand it off to another individual who publishes it on a website. Believe it or not, even though you're not making any web pages, you are still responsible for contributing towards accessible websites.

The concept you must understand when writing content is the POUR Principle. It is based on 4 different aspects.


Content must be perceivable, which means the content must be visible and easy to distinguish. Without perceivable content, users will have difficulties locating important information.


Content must be operable. If the content is impossible to navigate because of functional issues, say for example the page is always freezing, then it is inoperable.


As a web contributor, this principle is the most important. You should be writing content that is easy to understand, has proper grammar and spelling, and is not too complex. Complex material is allowed, but proper background material must be provided so that the user can educate themselves on the complex material. You should never assume knowledge from the user.


This section doesn't concern web contributors: It is extremely important that your web design has consistency across any web browser, and even works properly when new web browsers are created and deployed. The web design should also be able to handle incorrect user actions with ease.

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