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Web Accessibility

Lesson 2 of Section 1

What is Web Accessibility and why is it important?

Imagine you are going grocery shopping and you have a shopping list of essential items that you need to get, but those items are in unreachable shelves and none of the staff is willing to help you. This is the concept of a barrier to those who have a disability. Barriers can exist in many shapes and sizes that you may have never thought of before! The item or information that has been made available is virtually impossible for some to reach without the assistance of another or the proper planning of an alternative way to gain this item (referring back to the example, the unreachable shelves could be made reachable with an easy-to-use and widely available ladder). These alternatives and tools are methods to bypass these barriers, and is the main concept of accessibility.

Whether you are part of the process of designing a web page or the actual designer yourself, it is your goal to create information that is accessible.

Web Accessibility in Mind Video

Please review this 12 minute video about Web Accessibility and how disabled users cope with poorly designed content.

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