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WCAG 2.0 AA Compliance

Section 2.1.2

If keyboard focus can be moved to a component of the page using a keyboard interface, then focus can be moved away from that component using only a keyboard interface, and, if it requires more than unmodified arrow or tab keys or other standard exit methods, the user is advised of the method for moving focus away.

This section should be self-explanatory. If you simply can't tab your way through an entire web page (from top all the way to the bottom), then it means your web page has a keyboard trap. Check to see if you have hidden <a> elements as well as "applets" that make use of the keyboard in an interactive way. If an applet exists, you should make a tool in the applet that allows the keyboard to escape the applet. This instruction should be described in the applet and perhaps before the applet in text as well!


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