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WCAG 2.0 AA Compliance

Section 1.4.2

If any audio on a Web page plays automatically for more than 3 seconds, either a mechanism is available to pause or stop the audio, or a mechanism is available to control audio volume independently from the overall system volume level.

This does not apply to webpages that don't make use of automatically played audio. If you do happen to have music automatically playing for your page, the best recommendation is that you disable that feature. Instead, make the audio start when the user desires it to start. As a rule of thumb, webpages that play background audio or music automatically is undesirable to many web users.

If you however do have a sound playing automatically on your page and it lasts longer than 3 seconds, the other recommendation is that you include a "(silence audio)" link at the very top of the web page where it can be easily found and clicked. Try to make this link as accessible as possible and don't hide it using CSS.


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