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Remap a Network Drive in MacOS

Audience: McMaster Faculty & Staff

Article Date: September 15, 2012

Latest Update: November 9, 2012

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Disconnect from drives

To disconnect from a network drive, click the eject button next to the drive name in finder.

view of Finder window in MacOS

Remove Stored Credentials for Network Drives

  1. Go to your desktop. In the top bar on your screen click Go > Utilities. Then open Keychain Access.

  2. Under "Keychains", click "login" (on the left hand side at the top)

  3. In the right panel of the Keychain Access screen, look for the name of the server that you want to remove credentials for. e.g. For the drive "\\os1\applsoft$" the name will be "os1".

    keychain access window

  4. Right click (or press the control key while clicking) on each drive and click "Delete servername".

    keychain access windows with delete option highlighted
  5. Click Delete when asked if you are sure you want to delete the key from the login keychain.

    keychain verify delete window

Map a drive

  1. Go to your desktop. Click on Go at the top of the screen, then click on "Connect to Server...". Alternatively, you can press Command+K.

    screenshot of selecting Go then Connect to Server...

  2. Enter "smb://" followed by the servername, a forward slash and the sharename. For example, "smb://os1/testfolder" without the quotes. Click the Connect button in the bottom right of that window.

    screentshot of where to enter share details

    Hint: In that same window you can click on the plus sign button after typing in the path to add the share to your list of favorites. This saves you from having to type the path to it in the future.

  3. Enter the domain name followed by a back slash and then your MacID (ads\macid). Then enter your password.

    If you would like MacOS to remember your password, click the checkbox next to "Rememeber this password in my keychain".

    Click the Connect button.

    credentials input screen

  4. You should see a screen like this and, if successful, the drive will appear in a new window. If it did not work, ensure that the server path, your MacID and your password were typed correctly.

    screenshot of drive connecting status

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