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Configuring a Windows 2000 connection to Office Server

Please provide the following information when a computer needs to join AP1.

Request for adding a Windows 2000 or XP Professional PC to AP1

InfoTech or Support Designate Information

Client Information
User Id:
Computer Name:
IP Address:

Run department or group script from G: to map network drives

After the system reboots, you will be prompted for your MAC ID Username and Password. The first time you logon, please ensure that the domain is set to AP1. An initial logon script will run but will not link any drives until the Corner install has been completed.

You will need to set up a temporary link to the appropriate NT server. Right click on the Network Neighborhood icon and select Map Network Drive. Select the letter G and enter \\OSX\APPLSOFT$ (X=appropriate office server number) as the network path. DO NOT check the Reconnect at Logon prompt. Click OK to continue.

From the G: drive, double click on CornerNT / Mclink / cornerntw2k.EXE. Click on Next >> at the Title screen to begin installing.


Click on the appropriate Administrative or Faculty button.


From the drop down menu, select the appropriate Departmental script. Click Next >> to continue.


You will then be prompted to click Finish to complete the install. In accordance to your selections, a registry entry will be made identifying the department and server to be accessed. Click Yes, if prompted.



From the G: drive, double click on CornerNT / Mclink / imagever.reg. Click OK to finish.

You are now ready to reboot the computer. Click on Start, Shutdown, Restart, Yes.

When the computer finishes rebooting and you have entered your MAC ID username and password, you will be linked to all necessary server drives.

Open My Computer and verify that all drives have connected (G, H, I, P and Q)

G: \\OSX\APPLSOFT$ (General desktop Application Software)
H: \\OSX\USERID$ (Personal space on the server)
I: \\OSX\APPLINFO$ (Shared drive for all users on server )
P: \\OSX\DepartmentAPPL$ (Specific departmental applications)
Q: \\OSX\DepartmentCOMMON$ (Common departmental data / files)


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