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Fix for Security Certificate issue between Grand and Toy website and Internet Explorer 7

An Internet Explorer update to version 7 may be part of the standard updates to the Windows operating system. Internet Explorer 7 may display a "name resolution" error when one tries to login to the Canadian Grand and Toy website.

The browser will inform you that

  • the name in the security certificate does not match with the website
  • will ask you if you wish to continue
  • warn you that the connection may be insecure

The previous version of Internet Explorer, did not have the address mismatch verification feature. The resolution is as follows:

Option 1

Logon to instead of . The certificate's name assignment is only valid for the site.

Option 2

  • Open Internet Explorer 7
  • Click on Tools -> Internet Options
  • Click on Advanced
  • In the list of options, scroll down to the bottom in the "Security" section, there is an option listed as,
    "Warn about certificate address mismatch" Deselect this option
  • Save the changes, close Internet Explorer 7.

For security reasons, it is advisable that you use option1.


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