MacOnline Windows XP Setup Guide

Before you get started setting up your MacOnline connection, you will need to have a few things prepared. The items necessary to setup your connection include:

1. Your MAC ID (the same used when to login to MUGSI)

2.. An RJ-45 network cable (these are provided on move-in with your voucher)

3. An open data port on the wall in your residence. Data jacks are labelled D#. Please note that jacks labelled V# are for telephone and NOT for data use. Users in Les Prince residence will find a data jack on the back of the VOIP phone provided, and must plug their network cable into this data port and not the wall.

Once you have verified all of these items you can proceed with getting your computer connected:

Connect the network cable into the data port on the wall (or phone) you have previously located. Connect the opposite end of this cable into the RJ-45 network port on your computer. Be careful not to plug the cable into the telephone modem port accidently. The correct network port should appear slightly larger than the modem port.

• Double click on My Computer icon (found on your desktop or in the start menu)

• On the left-hand side of the window select My Network Places found under the heading Other Places

• Under Network Tasks select View Network Connections

• Right Click on Local Area Connection and select Properties

• Double click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

• Click Obtain an IP address automatically and obtain DNS server address automatically

• Once you have adjusted your network settings, please open a web browser window and complete the Network Registration instructions that will appear. If you are not automatically redirected to the “NetReg” web page, or have difficulty registering please contact MacOnline at ext. 24357.