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Student Email

Student email accounts are on gmail powered by Google Apps for Education.

How do I activate my Student email account?

How do I set up my StudentMail on Microsoft Outlook from Office 365?

How do I set my primary email to my McMaster Studentmail account.

How can I get help if I can't solve my problem?

My email is showing as, I thought the address was

How do I log into my student email account?

How do I set up my Student email account on my mobile device?

Does my email account expire

I need to change or add an external email account to my student profile.

I do not receive email to my McMaster Studentmail account.

I want to forward my mail to another account but keep a copy in my McMaster Studentmail account.

Before my account expires, I want to save the email to another account. How can i do that?

Before my account expires, I want to import my mail and Google Drive files to my personal gmail account

When I click on the "Email by Google" link from Mosaic, my browser goes to a Google page and when I try to sign in, I get an error message saying I can not log in.

When I log into the account, I cannot log in the first time, but the second time I am successful. Why is this happening?

What about my primary account in Mosaic?

What's included in Google Apps at McMaster?

I already have a personal Gmail account. Do I still need a Google Apps at McMaster account?

What about Patriot Act?

Will I now have email for "life"?

Will I be able to continue to use my email client such as Outlook, or Thunderbird?

Will I be able to use my mobile device to read email?

Will I be notified of my email account expiry?

How do I use Google Apps at McMaster University?