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Employee Email


MacMail is the email and calendaring service provided to faculty and staff members

How do I know if I have an employee email?

How do I access my employee email?

How do I add an external email account to my employee profile?

How do I connect MacMail on a Desktop?

How do I connect to MacMail on my mobile device?

How can I get help if I can't solve my problem?

Does my email account expire?

I require a departmental or role based account. How do I obtain this?

How do I report spam or phishing email?

How do I forward an email as an attachment?

How can I forward all of my new email to another account?

What do I do if I responded to a phishing email?

I want to forward my employee mail to another account but keep a copy in my McMaster Macmail account.

How do I archive mail in Outlook

How do I create a contact list (distribution list) in Outlook?

Can I restore emails that were accidentally deleted?

Can I move mail from my student account to my new employee account?

How can I request a Role Based or Departmental email account?

How do I report spam or phishing email?