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Setting Up or Changing Your Authentication Questions

Your authentication questions are used when you forget your password. Successfully responding to your questions will allow you to set a new password.

Your authentication questions are set up initially when you activate your MacID, however, users who activated their MacID prior to the implementation of Identity and Access Management will need to set up new authentication questions and answers.

Note: If you have not set up authentication questions, you will be prompted to do when your MacID password expires.

Step 1. Log into with your MacID and password.


Step 2. Click on your name and select preferences.


Step 3. Click on "Edit Authentication Questions".


Step 4. Select Question 1 and input the answer in the appropriate field. Continue through question 2 and 3 and select Save. If you are changing your questions, they will be prepopulated with the existing questions you have in place. Simply select a new question and type in the new response and save.