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Web Publishing, Managing and Maintaining

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Complete Policy Title: Web Publishing, Managing
and Maintaining

Policy Number (if applicable): 4.0

Date of Most Recent Approval: November 2010

Date of Original Approval(s): July 2010

Responsible Executive: John P. Kearney

DISCLAIMER:     If there is a Discrepancy between this electronic policy and the written copy held by the policy owner, the written copy prevails

McMaster's presence on the World Wide Web promotes University activities and educational opportunities by providing current and effective interactive communication and on-line service to a wide audience with the goals of assisting and building broad based support for the University's mission of academia, research, and service.

Content of all University web pages must comply with Canadian laws and McMaster's policies, rules, and regulations. Further, the reputation and image of McMaster University is determined, in part, by the quality of information published electronically by its students, faculty, staff, and affiliations. Maintaining a consistent Web presence allows the highest possible search ranking results by search engines.

Purpose of the Web Policy that is based on a previous policy is to ensure accuracy, consistency, integrity, and protection of the identity and image of the University by providing a set of minimum standards and guidelines for Web sites of McMaster's departments, schools, facilities, organizations, and affiliates.

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