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McMaster Wireless

UTS supports wireless network access using Wi-Fi technology in many areas across campus such as the Student Centre, libraries, lobby areas where people gather, and most classrooms. Since it uses shared radio spectrum, it primarily provides light-duty access for the convenience of mobile clients, as an adjunct to the wired network.

The Mac-WiFi mechanism requires authentication as a member of the McMaster community (or sponsored guest) using your MacID account. Mac-WiFi securely encrypts data over the air and is supported by most operating systems in use today. Another wireless network, named Eduroam, is for the exclusive use of visitors to the campus from other institutions that reciprocally provide the Eduroam service.

To take full advantage of the campus wireless environment, a dual band 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi adapter is recommended. That is because the 2.4GHz b/g/n band has a limited number of useable channels and suffers from interference from other equipment that uses the same frequency (e.g., microwave ovens, cordless phones, cordless keyboards/mice, and Bluetooth), and can suffer from congestion in large lecture rooms or other large open areas like the Libraries and Student Center, due to interference which limits the number of 2.4GHz access points that can be enabled in such areas. The 5GHz a/n band, in contrast, allows for the installation of many more AP’s in these congested areas.

When buying a laptop, make sure it supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. This is usually shown as a/b/g/n; if it says b/g/n (without ‘a’), it is probably not dual band. The very latest standard is 802.11ac which is supported in a limited number of areas currently. All Macs made in the last 3 years are dual band. Most Laptops sold in the last few years are dual band. If you aren’t sure you will need to look up the laptop and Wi-Fi adapter model online to confirm.

UTS provide setup instructions for commonly used Operating Systems. If your device isn’t listed below, here are the settings you will need to configure your own device (but in most cases, after selecting the Mac-WiFi network, you should just need to enter your MacID and password). Not every configuration will require all the provided information.

General Setup Information:
  • Network/SSID: "Mac-WiFi" or "Reznet-WiFi" or "eduroam" (manually type this in)
  • Network Authentication Method: WPA2 (sometimes called WPA2 Enterprise)
  • Data Encryption Method: AES
  • EAP Type: PEAP
  • Authentication Protocol: MS-CHAP-V2
  • Certificate Type: COMODO RSA Certification Authority
  • Certificate Name:
Getting Started

We hope that the information on these pages helps you to use the Wireless service. If you have further questions, or need more help, please contact the UTS Service Desk either via email at or via telephone at (905) 525-9140 ext. 24357.