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Mac OS X AnyConnect Client Installation

IMPORTANT: Connect to AnyConnect BEFORE you start the application that requires the use of VPN.

Setup Instructions

  1. Open the AnyConnect Setup DMG file and Click on AnyConnect.pkg
  2. Connect

  3. Click on Continue.
  4. Connect

  5. Click on Continue.
  6. Connect

  7. Click on Agree.
  8. Connect

  9. Click on Continue.
  10. Connect

  11. Click on Install.
  12. Connect

  13. Login with your computer credentials and click on Install Software.
  14. Connect

  15. Click on Close.

Connection Instructions

  1. Open the AnyConnect VPN Client.
  2. Type and then click Connect.



  3. Enter your MacID and password and then click OK.
  4. Login

  5. To end your session, click Disconnect in the application window. On your first connection, the VPN server will populate the connection drop down with other profiles. For future connections, choose one of them.See the "Which group connection type should I use?" section below for help.
  6. Disconnect


Which group connection type should I use?

Use the table below to determine which group connection type to choose.

If you need to access: Select:
Manage your own Systems,
Remote Desktop, File Shares etc.
Most Commonly used profile
Connect from Home
Access from MacConnect
(use MacSecure without VPN)
Connect from MacConnect
administrative-type access to
various systems on Campus only!
Restricted Access
UTS Internal use - Restricted Access DataVPN
McMaster Business Partners
Restricted Access
McMaster Business Partners
Restricted Access
UTS Internal Use
Restricted Access
* Profiles designated Restricted Access means that you must be authorized to use this resource. Contact the UTS Service Desk to request authorization.