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University Technology Services

Virtual Private Networking

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. The VPN Client software allows you to connect to the McMaster University network from an off-campus computer anywhere on the Internet and appear as though your computer is on campus. It also provides extra security by encrypting data to and from your computer, in effect creating a private tunnel through the Internet for your communication. Once your data reaches the McMaster campus, it is then unencrypted by the VPN server. The service is available to all Staff.

When to use VPN
  • You access McMaster University from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and are concerned about someone eavesdropping on your session.
  • You are transferring sensitive information (passwords, research data, personal information etc.), between your home computer and the University.
  • You need access to a McMaster University resource from home that might not otherwise be accessible because of a firewall or some other access control.
  • You need a McMaster University IP address to access a resource at the University.

Select the installer appropriate to your operating system or device. AnyConnect for some Android phones is available from the Android Market.

Note: Cisco AnyConnect VPN is not supported for Linux or Android at this time. The software is available for use, however documentation and support for installing or using the application are not offered by University Technology Services.

Getting Started

Step 1: Download your client from below.


Operating System
Size Updated Version Download
8.8MB 04/03/2018 4.5.04029 Download Button


Operating System
Size Updated Version Download
Mac OS X 9.5MB 10/17/2018 4.6.03049 Download Button


Operating System
Size Updated Version Download
Linux x64 11.2MB 01/03/2017 4.3.05017 Download Button


Operating System
Size Updated Version Download
Iphone 46.1MB 09/26/2016 4.0.05055 Download Button


Operating System
Size Updated Version Download
Android 12.68MB 03/01/2017 4.0.05062 Download Button

Step 2: Create a Connection using Windows or Mac or iPhone

For more information about versions and other issues, access the VPN FAQ.

Service Bulletins

  • MAC ID Password Expiry

    Beginning in May 2016, MAC ID passwords at McMaster expire annually. Learn more at

Service Desk

Hours: Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Phone: 905-525-9140 x24357 (2HELP)
Location: Main Campus BSB Rm. 245
Service Catalogue:

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