Enterprise networks

Maconline Network Access

New Network registration Process (Netreg)

Initial access by residents will entail a registration step before a Maconline network jack becomes active for general use. This is required only once (unless a new computer is acquired, a network card is replaced or a student moves between residences).

When an unregistered client machine is first plugged in and started, it will have only limited network connectivity to the Registration server. As the client opens a web browser, it will be automatically redirected to a registration server web interface to enable the client to register on a form (requires MAC ID). Following registration, once the computer is rebooted, it will have normal network access thereafter.

 Netreg – Step by Step

Access for Other Networked Devices

 If you have a requirement to plug in a device such as a ‘Game Boy’ that doesn’t have a web browser interface, it will be necessary to register it first. Please determine the Media Access Control (MAC) address of the network interface in your device (help information on how to find it) and using a computer with web browser, go to web page at URL http://netman.mcmaster.ca/maconly/reg_nonpc.html and enter it into the form there, after authenticating with your MAC ID and responding to the prompts. The device will be registered 24 hours after successful entry.